Membership Information

Notice to Prospective Members

member-joinProspective members of The Hartford Gun Club must have one of three certifications from the State of Connecticut.

  1. Pistol Permit or Hunting License
  2. Shotgun/Long Gun Eligibility Certificate
  3. Ammunition Purchase Eligibility Certificate

All applicants who do not meet these criteria will be wait listed until further notice.

NOTE: Membership Applications cannot be submitted on-line. Applications should be printed out and completed by hand. Please contact the club at the number listed below to schedule an Orientation after you have completed your application.

We invite you to join Hartford Gun Club today. Our current membership dues are $540.00 per year, plus tax.

Veteran's may join at a 20% discounted rate for their first year of membership.  First year dues are $475.20.

Please click on the link below to find the standard application form. It should be self-explanatory but you can direct any questions to our General Manager, Bob Margolis at 860.658.1614.

Download Application